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We specialize in building custom decks that are functional improvement to your home.  We can create a space to fit your outdoors lifestyle. Your new deck will be custom designed to fit your outdoor space.  During your free consultation we collaborate with you on your deck design ideas and your deck building plans.

Types of  Custom Decks

Ground Level Decks and Multilevel Decks

Adding a custom built deck to your home, whether it is a ground level deck or a multilevel deck, will provide a relaxed elegance that will make your home the favorite entertainment spot for friends and family. During your free design consultation, we will help you design your perfect backyard deck. Whatever your deck plans, we can create cool decks in any shape, size or color to fit your budget. We specialize in creating ground level and multilevel wood decks as well as bench sitting, railing, and outdoor lighting.

Pool Decks

A pool deck is an excellent place for lounging on a hot summer day, combined with a hot tub or spa, a deck can provide yearlong enjoyment. If you are thinking of building a wood pool deck, whether it be an in-ground pool deck or an above ground pool deck, our builders have over a decade of experience handling both deck designs. We design pool decks with safety and functionality in mind. If you are considering building a pool deck, contact Texan Deck and Patio for a free consultation.

Garden Decks

A garden deck makes the perfect bridge from your home to your backyard.  Garden decks are a perfect spot to enjoy fresh air after a long day and increases your backyard living area. We have experience designing garden decks so that it appears to be natural extension of your home.

Decking Material

Selecting the best decking material is an important part of the deck design process. Not only should the decking color and style blend seamlessly with the design of your home, the material for building the deck has to withstand the harsh Texas weather while still looking great.

Some of the popular material choices that are out there are pressure-treated yellow pine, composite wood, vinyl decking, and IPE (pronounced ‘EE-pay”) decking. Depending on your budget and your desired aesthetics, there are decking materials that will suite your needs.

Cost to Build a Custom Deck

The cost to build a deck varies based on the design, style and material you choose. During your free consultation we will discuss your desired deck design, style and material.  These factors will determine the decks price.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Build a Deck

  1. A deck adds beauty and increases the value to your home
  2. A deck is a functional improvement of your home
  3. A deck has a naturally attractive appearance
  4. A deck provides a relaxed elegance
  5. A deck fits your outdoor lifestyle
  6. A deck is an excellent place to lounge on a hot summer day
  7. A deck is a perfect spot to enjoy fresh air after a long day
  8. A deck is the perfect spot for entertaining
  9. A deck increases the functionality of your backyard
  10. A deck with a spa is useful year-round

Why You Should Choose Texan Deck and Patio

  • We are a professional deck building contractor which offers multiple options
  • We work with you to create a harmonious deck area that appears natural
  • We enjoy building decks that are beautiful and stand the test of time
  • We take pride in what we do and never sacrifice quality

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