8 Step Process to Selecting the Covered Patio Right Builder

Selecting the right builder is the most important aspect about building your dream outdoor getaway. In fact, that is why I built texandeckandpatio.com so that Texans, like myself, can find the right deck and patio builder. Find the right deck and patio builder is the most important step in the process, and if you choose poorly, it could cost you thousands.

Fortunately enough there are proven ways to help ensure you find the best builder to meet your needs.

Deck and Patio Builder

Here are the 8 steps to selecting the correct builder.

  1. Define your needs. What is the size, price, and material you would like to have?
  2. Experience. While everyone was once new, experience counts, especially more complex the project.
  3. Ask for referrals. Ask to talk to past clients and give those clients a call.
  4. Verify the builder is insured. Don’t just ask, verify. Ask for the policy number and the insurers phone numbers, and then give them a call.
  5. Does the your design fit the builders abilities. You might find a covered patio builder that is excellent at building grand outdoor spaces, but is poor a laying tile. If your project requires tile work, that builder may not be the best choice.
  6. Warranty and Service. Does the builder offer a warranty plan or service agreement. If not, then repairs due to poor craftsmanship could be costly.
  7. Trade group involvement. Is the deck and patio builder a member of any craftsman organization? Many of these organizations have a code of ethic that members are required to abide by. Is the member of the Better Business Bureau?Deck and Patio Builder and carpenter
  8. Ask for a tour of a previous project or past project portfolio. Viewing past projects will give you an idea of the level of quality you can expect from future work.

Lastly, look for the quality of the employee that works for the deck and patio builder. Are they courtesy and friendly? Are they respectful of you and your property? Do they keep their appointments? Do your phone calls get returned or even answered?

Remember that the deck and patio builder that you choose will be building your dream outdoor space, it is important to choose wisely.

What to Expect When You Meet with a Deck and Patio Builder

Design, Blue Prints for Deck, Patio Covered Patio

So you scheduled your visit with deck and patio contractor, what should you do next?

You should expect a visit from your builder to be professional; hopefully they have identified the name of the company representative that will be visiting you.

If you don’t feel comfortable with meeting with the contractor or you get a funny vibe from them. You could kindly ask them to leave. If you do go down this route, out of courtesy you should call the company management to let them know why you turn away the sales representative.

What to expect during the visit

  1. The contractors should show you pictures of their previous projects to get an idea of your design preferences.
  2. They will then take measurements and photos of the project area
  3. They will ask you tons of questions about your wants and needs
  4. Then they will discuss your budget.

Design, Price, and Proposal

After they have gathered all of their information from the initial visit, they need time to draft up the plans, estimate the cost, and package it into a proposal. The proposals should include specifics, drawings, schedule, and a firm price. The firm price should be exact and include a very specific scope of work.

Closing the deck and patio build agreement

Remember you have three choices once you receive the proposal:

  • Yes
  • Yes –  but with changes to the scope.
  • No